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Kids & Company’s priority is to ensure we meet the individual needs of each child in our care and to provide a safe, secure, and loving environment for every child. Our experts and staff are skilled in providing the nurturing and care required to ease any transition to our sites and provide a positive learning experience. We provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for the children in our care and strive to ensure that each child feels secure and happy during their visit.

To meet these expectations, we hire qualified teachers with a Bachelor of Education Degree or an Early Childhood Education Diploma and qualified assistant teachers. All experts and staff have been screened through our interview process including police reference checks, personal reference checks, updated medical history, and thorough in-house training.

Once part of our world, we ensure our staff are certified annually in safety, First Aid and CPR. Our teacher to child ratios reflect provincial standards.

Childcare Experts

Early Childhood Educator

We look for talented, trained and passionate people who are responsible for planning and implementing programs for our children in integrated settings. The role focuses children on learning and manages their daily needs.


Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Talented supporting teachers with a passion for children and relevant training are the cornerstone of our classrooms where learning, warmth and safety are paramount for our children.


Site Director

Our on-site leadership and operational management comes from experienced early childhood experts who model Kids & Company’s mission & promise. Our children depend on smooth daily operations and an environment where safety and comfort are second nature.

Assistant Site Director

Supporting the operational responsibilities of the Site Director, these experienced educators also thrive on ensuring smooth operations for our children and staff. In charge of the site when the Site Director is away, this role is central to Kids & Company’s fluid functioning.


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