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Kids & Company is dedicated to providing corporate employees with reliable, flexible and unique, quality child care solutions to suit the needs of each individual child, parent and employer, creating a healthy work-life balance.

New Fall 2006!  Montessori Kindergarten Program click here for details!

Our centres are open on all business days, school holidays and civic holidays.  The centres are closed on all statutory holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Box Day, New Year's Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, and Labour Day)

Back-Up Solution

Choosing between family and work is not a choice at all. In 2003, 75% of working women reported role overload. Emergency back-up childcare means your staff won’t have to scramble to find daycare for their infant to 13 year old child when their regular arrangement fails. As a corporate member employee, it will be as simple as calling the Kids & Company centre and advising them that a back-up space is required for the day. Upon arrival, the child will be involved in the program for that day, fed nutritious food and encouraged to explore through play, while your employee remains focused on work.

Kids & Company is there when:
  • School is suddenly cancelled (weather, labour dispute)
  • School is on break (PA days or holidays)
  • Regular caregiver is ill or otherwise unavailable
  • Women reconnect with colleagues while on maternity leave
  • A special arrangement for pick-up is required (family outing, late meeting)
  • Visiting client needs back-up childcare
  • Child’s non-contagious health issue requires TLC

Flexible Solution: Full time or Part time

Parents know that their child is in a progressive, reliable and comfortable environment at the Kids & Company centre nearby work. For employees who are currently using another provider or are returning to work after maternity leave, with six months notice we will guarantee childcare to fit an individual work arrangement from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (plus select 24/7 locations). Fees are pro-rated weekly for the days required. Children infant to pre-school age will benefit from our expert staff and progressive programming.

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