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what to expect

After Registration you will receive a letter of welcome and are encouraged to contact the Site Director to arrange a tour of the centre. This will familiarize you and your child with the space, arrival and departure procedures and help with a smooth transition.

Kids & Company is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., except in 24/7 locations

Each day when you arrive at the site:
  • check-in at the office
  • sign your child into the centre
  • the Administrator will take you to the classroom
Please confirm with the teacher:
  • your child’s daily schedule
  • any allergies or current issues
  • items brought to the centre

Take a moment to say good-bye to your child. The teacher will ensure a loving transition for your child, introducing other children and the daily program.

When you return to the centre:
  • Meet the teacher for a review of the day
  • Collect child’s personal items
  • Sign your child out of the centre

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